Webcam Win-Win: AJ Studios Seeks Success for Success

Anthony Rivera is a co-founder of AJ Studios. He was educated in Business Administration in both the United States and Colombia.

As a young entrepreneur, Rivera put his education into practice in 2008, establishing his first webcam business. He has since opened several facilities and numerous commercial websites and has joint-ventured with some of the biggest companies in the adult industry. AJ Studios itself has grown to be one of the most significant model hubs in Latin America, with over 2,000 women and men online seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“At the founding of this company, we set out to be taken seriously and to provide best in class service. We also recognized the responsibility to have to our models and employees and have worked tirelessly on their behalf,” Rivera explained. “We are proud of the accomplishments we have made.”

We corresponded with Rivera and learned a bit more about cam culture in Colombia.

YNOT: What about Colombia makes it perfect for webcam?

Anthony Rivera: The beauty of the Colombian woman makes perfect the business in the country. For nobody it is secret that the foreign man has this fascination for the Latin woman.

Colombia is still a country with socioeconomic difficulties. [It] has high levels of corruption and poverty and low purchasing power, so many young women see in webcam modeling the opportunity to improve their quality of life, pay for college, help their families and have financial independence.

In addition to this, the currency exchange makes the webcam business attractive for both entrepreneurs and models.

Is Colombia on course to become the global hub of webcam?

The growth of the webcam industry will continue for many years to come. For Colombia, which remains behind Romania in terms of revenue, the road to match it will depend on the ability of the models to overcome the obstacles imposed by the language barrier.

Overcoming this, Colombian cam girls and the market in general could become the world leader.

Is the Colombian cam space facing any regionally specific issues or roadblocks? 

In Colombia, the industry faces several challenges, starting with the absence of legislation that regulates the activities of this industry. This leaves in limbo those who are part of it and, in turn, leaves the country without receiving the corresponding taxes as a result of the commercial exercise.

The lack of a regulation not only affects the Colombian government. It also puts at a disadvantage the men and women who work daily and who do not have the protection and benefits enjoyed by a common employee — medical benefits, justifications for applying for a loan in a financial institution or employment recommendation letters.

In view of a mostly moralistic society, which in many cases mistakenly associates the webcam business with illegal activities, the Colombian Association of E-Commerce for Adults (ASOECA) was created, with the mission of generating better opportunities for companies in the industry.

The association aims at sustainable development and an adequate business environment to improve the competitiveness of companies, with the aim of achieving an organized industry framed in the law, with the best quality standards.

What is one thing others in the industry need to know about AJ Studios?

At AJ Studios we have a “win-win” philosophy. This is the number one reason that we have had so many successes and have become the largest webcam company in all of South America, while being recognized for our professionalism and business innovation globally.

Juan Carlos and I, as owners and operators, believe that everyone in the day-to-day operations are valuable in the success of the business. That is why today we have studios all over Colombia, employ over 2,000 people and are constantly expanding. We have won awards and work with the top people and companies in the industry, but what stays a constant is AJ Studios always stays humble. [We] know that if you take care of your employees, they will be loyal and work to take care of the business that takes care of them.

Webcam models can be more than just pretty faces. AJ Studios has taken the lead to promote and support a variety of charitable causes through its Fundación Liam, a non-profit social entity focused on assistance to contribute to the improvement and development of the quality of life of different types of populations in Colombia.