AJ Studios Launches Charitable ‘Fundacion Liam’

CALI, Colombia — AJ Studios has announced it is taking the lead in its promotion and support of a variety of charitable causes through its new “Fundacion Liam.”

According to the company, in phase one, the foundation will focus on underprivileged children, with a unique “Child Sponsor Plan” that allows sponsors to provide the basis of a child’s life: food, education, healthcare, and recreation. Fundacion Liam hopes to positively impact the lives of hundreds of children through this program that provides a path towards a more balanced and successful future.

AJ Studios operates from more than 40 locations and employs more than 1,000 people in Colombia and surrounding Latin American countries, setting a high standard for the professional enrichment of both models and support personnel.

The studio plans to leverage the foundation’s international fundraising through the annual LALExpo — the largest adult web expo in Central and South America, attended by thousands of international businesses and personalities.

AJ Studios President Juan Carlos says increasing global awareness of Colombia’s needs, as well as its talented and charitable nature, will create a positive impression globally.

“The models are also really excited to help the lives of the children.  It is something they feel very passionate about,” Juan Carlos notes. “It is also a chance for them personally, and our industry too, to demonstrate that the morals and ethics of our profession is positive, and should be taken seriously and respected.”

The foundation has been in operation for three months and is already sponsoring six children and has held six charitable events.

Those interested in making a donation or getting involved in the child sponsor program can contact the foundation here.